The Book of Sacketts

 A new e-book The Book of Sacketts is announced. 

This first edition (there will be further updated editions) has entries for the earliest known 664 Sacketts, covering at least 13 generations from the late 1200s to the mid-1700s. It includes Simon the colonist’s generation and continues for four more generations down to his 2nd great-grandchildren. 

The eventual aim is to publish data on all members of the Sackett family, subject to a cutoff of about 100 years to respect the privacy of living persons. 

This is the first attempt to document the Sackett family in book form since Charles Weygant published The Sacketts of America in 1907. It is also the first publication in book form of the genealogy of the English Sacketts. Entries are fully sourced, including references to the full text of Weygant’s entries for persons who appear there. 

The book includes A Selective History, with information on the Sackett name, migration and distribution, research, demographics, and some famous, infamous, or otherwise interesting Sacketts. 

The book may be downloaded free at the Sackett Family Association website

Chris Sackett

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