Herbert Sackett is most married Sackett, and most tragic

The record for the most marriages is held by Herbert Irving Sackett (1871–1939) of Buffalo, New York, who was married six times — to Lillian Gertrude Huck in 1895, Lillian Mae Stevens in 1902, Florence A (Blanchard) Hoover in 1912, Vera Anna (Jeffries) Willard in 1915, Marion K (Kepler) Brown in 1931, and Kathleen M Erwin in 1934.

Herbert (and his wives) suffered a series of tragedies. His father Edwin had died when Herbert was just eight. All of his wives died untimely deaths: Lillian Huck aged 25; Lillian Stevens at 37; Florence at 58; Vera at 49; Marion at 42; and finally his sixth wife Kathleen, aged about 41, who was killed with Herbert and their three-year-old daughter Susan when their car was hit by a passenger train.

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