Thurmon King, Sackett Family Association historian, won all hearts

Thurmon King

Thurmon King, who died aged 92 on 30 December 2022, was a founder member of the Sackett Family Association in 2003.

Regarded as the expert on the American Sackett lines, he accumulated a large database of Sackett genealogy, continuing to add to it for many years as the Association’s Historian.

In earlier times, the Revd Thurmon King had been pastor of several churches in Nevada, California, and Washington State, supplementing his modest church stipend with other jobs, notably as a skilled metal worker.

After retiring from active ministry, he established and ran a trucking business. Not forgetting his calling, he would say that he didn’t leave the ministry, but rather, he “took it on the road.”

Thurmon was a regular attendee at Sackett reunions, contributing much to the success of the gatherings. He won all hearts.

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